Preparation Tips for KCET 2018 | How To Crack | 10 Days Tricks

Preparation Tips for KCET 2018

Preparation Tips for KCET 2018 (कर्नाटक सामान्य प्रवेश परीक्षा के लिए तैयारी युक्तियाँ): The KCET, Karnataka Common Entrance Test is for all those candidates who are willing to pursue their higher education in the field of science. The test enables its candidates to get admission in the best colleges of Karnataka. Well for all those candidates who have been looking for some help on the exam are helped through this article for KCET Preparation Tips. The details mentioned below will help to students to get a fair estimate on how and what shall be the important measures taken by them in order to get qualify the exam.

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Preparation Tips for KCET | How To Crack | 10 Days Tricks

How To Crack KCET 2018

  1. Learn the Essentials from KCET Syllabus

The syllabus is the very critical part for all the candidates to start with. Though at times there is a rough idea of what can be important topics unless the students take a look at the syllabus, they can’t know the important topics. The below-mentioned topics will help the students to know How to Prepare for KCET.

         Physics        ChemistryMathematicsBiology
Physical World & Measurement


Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties


Linear ProgrammingBody Fluids and Circulation
Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory of Gases




Cell – The Unit of Life




Three-dimensional Coordinate GeometryMorphology of Flowering Plants
Practical Oriented questions


Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry


StatisticsPrinciple of Inheritance and Variation
Oscillations & Waves


Redox ReactionsIntegral calculus and Differential calculusNeural Control and Coordination
Laws of Motion


Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureOrdinary Differential EquationsCell – The Unit of Life

Motion of System of Particles & Rigid Body


S-Block Elements, p-Block Elements


Properties of Bulk Matter


Organic Chemistry: some basic Principles and Techniques.


Two-dimensional Coordinate GeometryBiological Classification
Work, Energy & Power




ProbabilityHuman Health and Diseases




VectorsBiotech: Principles and Processes
  1. Avoid Silly Mistakes

Usually, many of the candidates end up their marks just because of the silly mistakes in the exam. The calculations are the reason of losing marks. The Tips and Tricks to Crack KCET who want to make sure that there are no silly mistakes can attempt their practice tests in a way that the tough sections are left for the last time so that other scoring sections can have enough time to get a good score.

  1. Maintain Speed in KCET

For the last time, preparation candidates shall take a note of their speed. This is Tips for Cracking KCET which will work in the long run. The exam paper of KCET is quite lengthy and for the section such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics calculations are needed always. The exam pattern of the KCET is as follows for forming the strategy on How to Score Well in KCET.

SubjectTimeMarksNo. of Questions

1hr 20 minutes

(For each subject)

Mathematics 6060
Physics 6060
Chemistry 6060

Hence, it can be said that a number of questions to be attempted in the given time are more. Therefore speed is the only key to get the work done faster.

  1. Solve Previous Papers of KCET

Completing the syllabus is not a full proof preparation of the exam unless the students haven’t solved sample papers. The KCET Exam Preparation is that students shall at least solve 10 papers in their revision period. This step can help in the meticulous understanding of the topics which are repetitive in the exam.

  1. Track your performance

Just solving the papers all the time without knowing the performance is nothing but the wastage of efforts. According to the KCET Cracking Tips, applicants of the exam are advised that they shall keep a constant check on their performance. Either they can take online mock tests or design a test paper and get indulged in self-analysis.

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