KCET 2017 Syllabus, Check Karnataka CET Exam Pattern 2017

KCET Syllabus 2017: Students who are searching for the Syllabus of KCET 2017 they can see here the complete syllabus in details. You need to pass the exam for getting the admission in the B.tech courses at the Karnataka state. Only hr selected candidates will take the new admission those pass the exam with good marks. You can see here also the Exam Pattern of KCET 2017. By the Exam Pattern of KCET 2017, you can know all details of the exam paper. We are also provided below the Seat Allotment of KCET 2017 for look the admission process.

KCET 2017 Syllabus, Check Online Exam Pattern for Karnataka CET 2017, KCET 2017 Selection Process

KCET Syllabus Exam Pattern 2017The KCET 2017 will be conducted by the Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA). The Karnataka CET Syllabus 2017 is given below. In this exam, the questions will be asked from the Chemistry, Math and Physics subjects. The questions will be asked from the 12th class board exam syllabus. All questions will be asked objective type questions.

KCET 2017 Maths Syllabus

Circles, Combinations & Permutations, Mathematical Induction, Relations, Sets and Functions, Binomial Theorem and Its Simple Applications, Co-Ordinate Geometry, Continuity, Limits and Differentiability, Quadratic Equations & Theory of Equations, Trigonometry, Theory of Equations, Differential Equalities, 3 D Geometry, Sequences and Series, Properties of Triangles, Applications of Derivatives, Algebra, Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola and Polar Co-Ordinates, Applications of Integrals, Determinants and Matrices, Indefinite Integration, Vector, Probabilities & Distributions and Statistics and Random Variables.

KCET 2017 Physics Syllabus

Thermal Properties of Matter, Work, Power and Energy, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Wave Motion, Centre of Mass, Rotation Motion, Dimensions and Units, Electromagnetism, Elements of Vectors, Collisions, Ray Optics and Optical Instruments, Fluid Mechanics, Surface Tension, Current Electricity, Elasticity, Kinematics, Electromagnetic Induction and AC Circuits, Simple Harmonic Motion, Nuclei and Atoms Electrostatics and Capacitors, Dual nature of Radiation and Matter, Sound, Magnetism, CR Circuits, Semi-Conductor Devices and Communication Systems, Wave Optics.

KCET 2017 Chemistry Syllabus

Hydrocarbons, Chemical Thermodynamics, Transition Elements, Ionic Equilibrium, Classification of Elements and Periodicity of Properties, Principles of Qualitative Analysis, Halo-Alkanes, Alkaline and Alkali Earth Metals, Solid State, Polymers, Lanthanides, Atomic Structure, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Nuclear Chemistry, Phenols, Alcohols and Ethers, Hydrogen and Its Compounds, Chemical Bonding, Solutions, General Principles of Metallurgy, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Equilibrium, Gases and Liquids, Nucleic Acids, Coordination Compounds, Electro Chemistry, Practical Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Surface Chemistry, Bio-molecules, Chemical Kinetics.

KCET 2017 Exam Pattern

All the students need to see the Exam Pattern of KCET for checking all details of examination question paper. By the KCET 2017 Exam Pattern, you can make a good study of exam according to the questions that will be asked in the exam. The Exam pattern is provided below for all candidates-

  • The Exam will be organized in the offline mode with pen and paper.
  • Questions will be asked from Physics, Chemistry and Math subjects.
  • Total no of the questions will be 180 questions, 60 questions from each subject.
  • 1 mark will be provided for each right answer and there were no marks deducted for any wrong answer.
  • Total 80 minutes will be provided for solve the question paper of each subject.
  • You need to fill the answer in OMR sheet.

KCET 2017 Sample Paper

Candidates need to see the Sample paper of KCET 2017 for know the difficulty level of the question paper. The Model paper of KCET 2017 will help to find out the types of the questions that will be asked in the exam. By the help of KCET 2017 Sample Paper, you can find out the important section of the syllabus and also find out your weak point of KCET Syllabus and improve those before the exam for make high score in the exam.

KCET 2017 Seat Allotment

The Seat Allotment of KCET 2017 will be held by the counselling process. Selected persons need to fill the online counselling form. The exam Community of the KCET will be provided the seats for the students according to their performance in the exam. The students can see the allotted lost online after declaration the counselling list. The counselling will be held in the 2 rounds. In the second round, the rearrangement will be of the allotted seats.

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KCET 2017 Syllabus/ Exam Pattern/ Seat Allotment

You can see the Syllabus of KCET 2017 details upper in this page. You need to pass the KCET 2017 Exam for taking the admission in the B.tech courses. This exam will be organized in the May month for new admission. You can also check the Exam Pattern of KCET 2017 and Seat Allotment of KCET 2017 here in this post.


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