How To Prepare for TOEFL Exam- Tips & Tricks To Crack in 1st Attempt

How To Prepare for TOEFL Exam

How To Prepare for TOEFL Exam (TOEFL परीक्षा के लिए तैयार कैसे करें): There are a lot of students who wish to study abroad. One gateway for all those aspirants to fulfill their needs is the TOEFL exam. It is the major exam next to the IELTS. The term TOEFL stands for the ‘Test of English as Foreign Language’. Hence the candidates who apply for the exam should show their ability to understand, speak and write the English as a foreign language.

The grades of this exam are considered by several foreign universities for considering the candidate eligible. Leading to the point, this article will be sharing some of the TOEFL Preparation Tips for all those candidates who will be giving the exam.

Read the article on tips and How to Prepare for TOEFL Exam and share it with all those who are aspiring for the exam.

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How To Prepare for TOEFL Exam- Tips & Tricks To Crack in 1st Attempt

TOEFL Preparation Tips 

Understand the Structure

The structure of the exam comprises of the Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Those who seek How to Crack TOEFL Exam it is mandatory to excel in all the sections with at least above the average score to ensure selection. In the duration of 4 hours, the candidates have to attempt the exam in the following order-

  • Reading: 35-56 questions which comprise of reading passages and answering questions based on them.
  • Listening: 34-51 questions based on listening lectures, discussions, conversations and answering them.
  • Speaking– Here the candidates will be assigned 6 tasks and the candidates will have to express their views on the topic based on the listening and reading.
  • Writing– Here the candidates will be given 2 tasks and the candidates will have to write essays based on all the previously given topics.

Here for the candidates searching on How to Score High in TOEFL tips is that be attentive throughout.

TOEFL Preparation Tips

Tips for Reading Section

This is the easiest section for all as the candidates have to sore marks just from right interpretation and understanding. However, a few of the Tips for Cracking TOEFL are suggested here to keep in mind-

  • Be careful in the selection of the last question which summarizes the passage. Choose the right in accordance with the subject of the passage.
  • Cultivate reading habit.
  • Use the logical order to answer the questions.

TOEFL Preparation Tips-Reading section

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Tips for Listening section

The listening section will be a little tricky as understanding different accents may get difficult. The candidates will surely require some Tips and Tricks for TOEFL for this section. The below mentioned tips and tricks may help the candidates to perform well in the exam-

  • Practice will play the most important role here.
  • Watch some English movies or you can even take the tasks of transcribing available online.
  • Try to note the lectures in précised yet meaningful order.
  • Note the things immediately which you think questions can be framed for is the most important TOEFL Tips and Strategies.

TOEFL Preparation Tips-Listening section

Tips for Speaking Section

Here in this section, the candidates have to perform 6 tasks which test a lot of skills subsequently. The candidates will have to show their reasoning, quick thinking, communication, summarizing and comprehensive speaking skills in this section. The Top Tips for TOEFL for this section will be as follows-

  • Practice speaking answers directly in English rather than translating them from any native language.
  • Increase the level of your interpretation for the questions.
  • The utmost TOEFL Preparation Strategy should be that try to communicate as much as possible in English.

TOEFL Preparation Tips-Speaking section

Tips for Writing Section

This is another easiest section for all to perform. Candidates with the question on How to Prepare TOEFL in One Month are advised to improve their writing section the most. The tips mentioned below in the will help you understand the key points for this section-

  • Try to read the editorial section or the small excerpts of good writers. This helps you develop good answering abilities.
  • Putting down your thoughts in words will be a great help.

TOEFL Preparation Tips- Writing section

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