How To Prepare for WBJEE 2024 – Crack Exam in 1 Month, Tips, Strategy

How To Prepare for WBJEE 2024: West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam (WBJEE) is a state level competition for those candidates who wish to pursue the medical and engineering course from the prestigious colleges of West Bengal. The score of this exam is acceptable all over the state to all the government and private colleges.

Well, as every year thousands of students appear in the exam it may get difficult for average students to crack the exam. However, with right WBJEE Preparation Tips, it is easy for all.

Here we are giving you some tips with whose implementation in the Study Plan for WBJEE, the right preparation can be done.

How To Prepare for WBJEE - Crack Exam in 1 Month, Tips, Strategy

WBJEE Preparation Tips

Know the Important Topics

The students who are preparing themselves for the exam can score well in the exam only if they know which topics shall be given priority. The Tip for Cracking WBJEE Medical and Engineering courses is that you should know the important topics and strengthen its in and out thoroughly. Here we have listed some important topics of the subjects for both the exams-

Physics Chemistry Weightage in Exam Paper
Heat & Thermodynamics Transition Elements – d& f block 6%
Current Electricity Chemical Kinetics 7%
Electrostatics Chemical Bonding 6%
Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism General Organic Chemistry 6%
Work Energy Power p-block Elements 5%
Physics of Nucleus Redox Reactions 5%
Laws of Motion Carboxylic Acid & its Derivatives 4%
Rotational Motion Alcohol Phenol Ether 4%

Refer the Important Books

As the name of the exam suggests, it will be important for the candidates to know that the study preferences of the West Bengal will be prioritized. While preparation the candidates should also refer to the subject books of state board as they are the best WBJEE Preparation Books.

WBJEE Preparation Tips- Study material

No shortcut to Practice

Students tend to do this mistake while preparing themselves for the exam. The strict advice to all the candidates is that they should take no shortcuts for the practice such as mock tests, previous exam papers, and sample papers. They are a good source to test your knowledge but now for using them as the study material. If the candidates use short Tips and Tricks for WBJEE exam it can surely fetch marks for them and improve their performance.

The medical students can use the tricks such as learning about the topics through diagrams. While the students preparing for the engineering courses can try to use short tricks for solving calculations faster.

Revise the WBJEE Syllabus

This is the ultimate and the most crucial step to be followed by all. Those applicants with the questions on How to Crack WBJEE in One Month, we advise them that even a regular study and timely revision can help them achieve their goal.

WBJEE Preparation Tips- Revise

Be Sure and Confident

The candidates preparing for this exam are advised that there is negative marking for any worn g answered the question.  Hence, the guess work won’t be useful here. WBJEE Preparation Strategy for all the students will be that they should make sure they attempt only those questions for which they are sure.

For this, Tips for WBJEE Preparation will be that right from the preparation time make sure that while taking practice tests you mark the questions you were not sure about and then study them thoroughly.

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