RTMNU Result Summer 2019 – {Released} Download Pdf

RTMNU Result Summer 2019: The Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University conducted its examinations from May month. The students can download the Nagpur University Summer Result. The controller of examinations will release the results after three to four months for the exams.

Latest Update: Nagpur University (RTMNU) has released the result for Summer 2019 Exam.!! Check in the Table Below.

We will provide here the direct link to the downloading of the Nagpur University Result 2019. The aspirants can check the results with the help of their name, roll number, course name etc.

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RTMNU Result Winter - Nagpur Univ 1st 3rd 5th Sem Results

Nagpur University BA BSc BCom BBA BCA Result

The aspirants can download the RTMNU BBA Result 2019 semester wise. The link will be activated on the website of the University.

ExamRelease DateResult
B.Sc. 4th Semester (Absorp)01 Aug 2019CheckHere
B.Sc. 4th Semester01 Aug 2019CheckHere
M.Sc. (Chemistry) 3rd Semester[CBCS] (Reassessment)31/7/2019CheckHere
M.A. (Buddhist Studies) 2nd Semester [CBCS] (Reassessment)31/7/2019CheckHere
B.A. (Mass Communication) Part-3(Reassessment)31/7/2019CheckHere
M.Sc. (Chemistry) 3rd Semester[CBCS] (A/S) (Reassessment)31/7/2019CheckHere
M. A. (Rashtrasant Tukadoji Thoughts) 2nd Semester [CBCS] (Reassessment)31/7/2019CheckHere
B.F.D. 6th Semester (Reassessment)30/7/2019CheckHere
B.Com. Final (New) (Reassessment)30/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (3 Year) 6th Semester [CBS] (Absorp) (Reassessment)30/7/2019CheckHere
B.Com. 3rd Semester (Reassessment)30/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (Three Year) 6th Semester[CBS] (Reassessment)30/7/2019CheckHere
B.A. 5th Semester (Reassessment)30/7/2019CheckHere
B.A. Final (Reassessment)30/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. 4th Sem [CBS] Constitutional Law & Administrative Law29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. 4th Sem [CBS] Intellectual Property Laws29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. (External) 4th Sem29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. 4th Sem [CBS] Business Law29/7/2019CheckHere
B.F.D. 2nd Year29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (5 Year) 4th Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (5 Year) 10th Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. 4th Sem [CBCS] Business Law29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. 4th Sem [CBCS] Constitutional Law & Administrative Law29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. 4th Sem [CBCS] Intellectual Property Laws29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. 4th Sem [CBCS] Labour, Capital & Law29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. 4 Sem [CBCS] Criminal Law29/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (5 Year) 4th Sem [CBS] (Absorp) (Reassessment)29/7/2019CheckHere
B.T.S. 4th Sem (Reassessment)26/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Fashion Design 1st Sem[CBCS](Reassessment)26/7/2019CheckHere
B.E. 7th Sem (Reassessment)26/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Textile Design 3rd Sem[CBS] (Reassessment)26/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Fashion Design 3rd Sem[CBCS] (Reassessment)26/7/2019CheckHere
B.E. 3rd Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)25/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Business Administration 1st Sem [CBCS] (Reassessment)25/7/2019CheckHere
B.B.A. 5th Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)25/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Pharmacy 4th Sem [CGBS](Reassessment)23/7/2019CheckHere
B. Arch. 3rd Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)23/7/2019CheckHere
B. Arch. 7th Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)23/7/2019CheckHere
B. Arch. Fifth Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)23/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Chemical Technology) 1st Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Chemical Technology) 3rd Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) 7th Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Sc. (Information Technology) 3rd Semester (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Sc. (Information Technology) 4th Semester (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Biotechnology) 3rd Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Biotechnology) 5th Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) 1st Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Sc. (Information Technology) 1st Semester (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Biotechnology) 1st Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) 5th Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Chemical Technology) 5th Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Tech. (Chemical Technology) 7th Semester [CBS] (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Com. Part 2 (Final) (AS) (Reassessment)20/7/2019CheckHere
B.Sc. (Home Science) Part 2(Reassessment)19/7/2019CheckHere
M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry) 1st Semester (CBCS) (Reassessment)19/7/2019CheckHere
M.Sc. (Computer Science) 1st Semester (CBCS) (Reassessment)19/7/2019CheckHere
B.F.A 5th Semester (Painting)19/7/2019CheckHere
B.A 4th Semester19/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Pharmacy 4th Semester Pharmaceutical (CGBS)19/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Pharmacy 4th Sem [CBS] Pharmaceutical Chemistry19/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Pharmacy 4th Sem [CBS] Quality Assurance19/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Pharmacy 4th Sem [CBS] PHARMACEUTICS19/7/2019CheckHere
B.F.A. 5th Sem (Painting)19/7/2019CheckHere
B.A. 4th Semester19/7/2019CheckHere
B.Com (Computer Application) Part 2 (3rd Sem)[CBS] (Reassessment)18/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Computer Management 1st Sem [CBCS] (Reassessment)18/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Computer Management 3rd Sem [CBCS] (Reassessment)18/7/2019CheckHere
B.Com (Computer Application) Part 3 (Absorption Scheme) (Reassessment)18/7/2019CheckHere
B.Com (Computer Application) Part 3 (New) (Reassessment)18/7/2019CheckHere
M. Phil. (Marathi)18/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Social Work 4th Sem[CBCS]17/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Pharmacy 5th Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (3 Year) 3rd Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. (1st Sem) [CBCS] (Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (5 Year) 1st Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (5 Year) 3rd Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Pharmacy 4th Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Pharmacy 6th Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Pharmacy 1st Sem[CGBS] (Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (5 Year) 1st Sem [CBS] (Absorp)(Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
LL.M. (3rd Sem) [CBS] (Reassessment)17/7/2019CheckHere
B.A. Part 2 (Reassessment)16/7/2019CheckHere
B.Sc. (Information Technology) 6th Sem (Reassessment)16/7/2019CheckHere
B.Sc. (Information Technology) 5th Sem (Reassessment)16/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science Part 3 (6th Sem)(Reassessment)16/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Journalism(Reassessment)16/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Computer Application 5th Sem (Reassessment)16/7/2019CheckHere
B.A. 6th Sem11/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (5 Year) 7th Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Computer Application Part 3 (Sem 2)11/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Interior Design 2nd Sem(Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Interior Design 4th Sem(Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology 4th Year(Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Cosmetic Technology 2nd Sem (Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Cosmetic Technology 6th Sem (Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Interior Design 6th Sem(Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
M.Sc. (Home Science) 2nd Sem[CBCS] (Textile & Clothing)(Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology 4th Sem(Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
B.T.S. 2nd Sem (Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (Five Year) 7th Sem [CBS] (Absorp) (Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
Bachelor of Cosmetic Technology 4th Sem (Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
M.Sc. (Home Science) 2nd Sem[CBCS] (Food Science & Nutrition) (Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
LL.B. (Three Year) 5th Sem [CBS] (Reassessment)11/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 3rd Sem Structural Engg.10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 3rd Sem Electronics Engg. (Communication)10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 3rd (Computer Science & Engineering)10/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Library & Information Science 4th Sem [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Arch. (Environmental Architecture) 4th Sem [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M. Des. (Industrial Design) 4th Sem[CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (C.A.D / C.M.A) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem of Software System [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 3rd Sem (Electronics Engineering) [CBS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M. Arch. (Architecture Education) 4th Sem [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.E. 4th Sem (Wireless Communication & Computing) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Heat Power Engineering) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (C.A.D / C.A.M) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Chemical Technology) (Food Technology)[CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Chemical Technology) (Petro Chemical Technology)[CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Chemical Technology) (Petro Chemical Technology)[CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Chemical Technology)(Paint Technology)[CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
B.S.W. 5th Sem (Reassessment)10/7/2019CheckHere
M. A. (English) 3rd Sem [CBCS] (Reassessment)10/7/2019CheckHere
M.E. 4th Sem10/7/2019CheckHere
M.A. (Women Studies) 4th Sem[CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.A. (Linguistics) 2nd Sem [CBCS] (Reassessment)10/7/2019CheckHere
Master of Education 4th Sem [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.A. (Economics) 1st Sem [CBCS] (Reassessment)10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (V.L.S.I.) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Electronics Engineering) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech 4th Sem (Integrated Power System) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Power Electronics And Power System) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem Electrical Engineering (Industrial Drives & Control) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech 4th Sem (Environmental Engineering) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem Structural Engg.[CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Computer Science & Engineering) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Chemical Engineering)[CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem (Mechanical Engineering Design) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M.Tech. 4th Sem Electronics Engineering (Communication) [CBCS]10/7/2019CheckHere
M. Phil. (Commerce)10/7/2019CheckHere
M. Phil. (Hindi)10/7/2019CheckHere


The students have to follow some precise steps for the downloading of the Nagpur University BCA Result. The scorecard for the exams will include the total marks obtained by the students in the exams, the grades they have scored and the details about the student.

Steps to download RTMNU 2nd Sem Summer Result .

  • The students have to access the official website.
  • Then they have to click on the Results section present in the notification panel.
  • Then the students have to enter the name of course, exam and roll number in the desired space.
  • After submission, the results related to the information will be shown on the screen.
  • Click on your desired result.
  • The results will be shown on the computer screen.
  • Download the result by saving it in a pdf file on the computer.
  • Also, take a print out for the examination purposes.

RTMNU Nagpur Result: Download Here

RTMNU Nagpur Result Summer-2nd 4th 6th Sem

Name of OrgainsationRashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University
Name of CoursesUndergraduate Courses
Date of ReleasingAfter few months of Exams
Date of ExamMay
StatusAvailable Soon
Official Websitenagpuruniversity.org

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RTMNU Result Summer 2019

The students who have appeared for the semester examinations conducted in winter and now waiting for the results. They can check their RTMNU BA Result Summer 2019 in upcoming months. The results will be declared on the official website.The students have done a lot of hard work for the preparation of their exams and now they are waiting for their RTMNU BSc Result.

Also CheckBA ResultBCom ResultBSc Result

The dates for the results are not announced yet. The dates for the declaration will vary according to the name and semester of the courses. The students can collect their mark sheet for the winter exams after few weeks of Nagpur University BCom Result 2019.

nagpuruniversity.org Result Winter Download

The Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University is one of the largest University in Maharashtra. Thousands of numbers of students are part of the University and they have appeared for the examinations. They can check their RTMNU 4th Sem Result Winter here son after the official announcement. The marks scored by the students in the graduation period matters a lot in the career of the student. For feedback and more queries regarding Nagpur University Result Summer 2019, you can contact us by commenting in the comment section given below.

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