Petroleum Engineering, Check Job Options, Career Opportunities, Scope for Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineering is the discipline of engineering that deals with the exploration, extraction, Maintenance and production of oil wells by searching it below the earth’s surface. Petroleum engineers are responsible for innovating the extraordinary approaches to deal with the crude oil extraction in a most advantageous way to get the profit. It also increasingly deals with the production of natural gas. The life of a petroleum engineer is full of excitement and innovative research. If we talk about Petroleum Engineering Career and Scope, then we want to conclude that the jobs in petroleum engineering are projected to grow 26% from the year 2012 to 2022, which is much faster than average.

Petroleum Engineering, Check Careers, Scope, Job Opportunities for Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum EngineeringPetroleum engineering is a special field of engineering that deals with the proceedings that are included in the overall production of hydrocarbons, which can be achieved either in the form of crude oil or natural gas. The joint efforts of petroleum engineers and geologists throughout the complete life cycle of hydrocarbon accumulation involves the approach or method in which a crude oil, gas reservoir is depleted or developed. Petroleum engineering needs great technical skills in a variety of fields like geophysics, formation evaluation (well logging), petroleum geology, drilling, economics, reservoir engineering, artificial lift systems, reservoir simulation, well engineering, completions, and gas & oil facilities engineering.

Salary of a Petroleum Engineer

The starting salary that is provided just after the completion of Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering is ranging from 3.5~6.5 lack INR annually. The increase in Pay scale may reach 2-3 times the basic salary after attending necessary experience and technical skills.

Job Role of Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are responsible for finding the innovative and extraordinary methods to extract the crude oil and natural gases in a most profitable approach to achieve the profit to the most optimal way.

Duties & Jobs Role of Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Engineering CareersThe Job Opportunities and responsibilities of a Petroleum Engineer are wide spread into a huge area. The job role of petroleum engineer may slightly vary as per their expertise in a variety of work roles for petroleum engineers.

  • Design and regulate equipment to extract crude oil and gas from the crust of the earth in the most advantageous way.
  • Plans the way to drill in gas and oil fields, and the most profitable approach to recover the oil and gas.
  • Develop ways to inject chemicals, gases, steam, water into an oil reservoir to force out more oil and gases.
  • Use computer-controlled fracturing or drilling to control a larger area of natural gas and crude oil deposited in a single well
  • Evaluate the production and maintenance of wells through survey and testing.
  • Checking the surety that oil field equipment is installed, maintained and operated properly

Petroleum Engineering Careers

Petroleum engineers are responsible for planning, designing and developing the most profitable approaches for extracting oil and gases from deposits below the crust of Earth. Petroleum engineering is a wide spread branch of engineering that deals with the overall development of crude oil searching and reservoir maintenance in a very effective and conservative approach. For any of type of assistance, while opting the Petroleum Engineering as your Career Stream, you are invited to leave your issues or queries at the bottom of the post, we will respond you as soon as possible with the most suited solutions to your issues.

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