How To Prepare for NATA 2024- Tips To Crack Exam, Best Strategy

How To Prepare for NATA 2024: The NATA is one of the most prominent exams for the candidates who are willing to join the architectural courses. The term NATA stands for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture. The exam is conducted by the COA (Council of Architecture).

The students who qualify this exam can pursue the B.Arch. from the best colleges offering the degree courses for the same. The field of Architecture is full of opportunities is once the candidates have managed to get entrance. However, it not really easy as it requires Tips to Crack NATA.

To all the students who are willing to give the exam, we have some NATA Tips and Tricks for you.

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How To Prepare for NATA - Tips To Crack Exam, Best Strategy

NATA Preparation Tips

Clear the Misconceptions

The very first step for the candidates to NATA Preparation Tips is that clear the hearsays. The applicants of any competitive exams should know that there most of the beliefs for any exam are misconceptions. One such is the belief for drawing. Those with question How to Crack NATA, the exam requires the proper detailing of the light perspectives, scales and proportions but fine sketching is not mandatory.

NATA Preparation Tips- Clear Misconceptions

Be Focused on Detailing   

All of the NATA aspirants will be familiar with the fact that the test comprises of the drawing and written exam. Both of the tests are equally important to clear the exam. The NATA Drawing Tips for all is that the only way to clear this step is to be creative. However, the candidates should know that the creativity here doesn’t mean beauty rather about giving solutions to interesting problems.

Some other important drawing tips on How to Prepare for NATA at Home.

  • Use the dry mediums of colour such as pencil or crayons as they are convenient, easy and create least mess.
  • Keep minimal use of the erasers and try to define the shapes in few strokes.
  • Keep your presentation neat.

NATA Preparation Tips-Drawing

Keep Architectural Awareness

As the name of the exam suggests the architectural awareness is most important for all. Along with the mathematics and drawing the exam covers GK section. Hence, the candidates looking for the NATA Cracking Tips, the knowledge of the latest architectural projects, their architects, specifications and all other related information is very important to learn. Well, keep these things in mind-

  • Don’t try to mugging up the NATA Study Material.
  • Skip the unnecessary topics of the GK section.
  • Get the latest and daily updates through the newspapers.

NATA Preparation Tips-GK

Improve the Mathematical Ability

The candidates would need to keep in mind that the mathematical questions will be included in the Paper 2 of the exam. The candidates should start their preparation right from the 12th class. Some of the tips for those looking on How to Prepare for NATA are-

  • Don’t get stuck on any one question or topic for a long time.
  • Practicing previous papers will be the best aid for you to learn speed and accuracy.
  • Be very well acquainted with the syllabus and exam papers.

NATA Preparation Tips-Mathematical Ability

Maintain Speed

All the creativity and the knowledge are useless if you are not able to attempt the exam in the given time. The Preparation for NATA Exam is that the marks are the only credit that will work to secure a good position. Hence the tips are that whether it is the drawing or the written exam, your level of knowledge and interest can work only when you have the speed to attempt all the questions in the given time.

NATA Syllabus Pdf | NATA Previous Year Papers | NATA Online Application Form

NATA Preparation Tips-Speed

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