HNGU Exam Time Table 2019 – MA MSC MCOM MCA Exam Date,

HNGU Exam Time Table 2019: Every year a large number of students appear for the HNGU Exam. Students are required to know that the university will go to conduct the even sem (2nd 4th) exam of PG Courses very soon.

Latest Update: Examination Schedule for MARCH – JUNE : 2019 Released!! Check the table Below.

According to the previous record, the university conducts the exam in the month of May in offline mode. Many students face a problem for downloading the HNGU PG Date Sheet 2019. So for avoiding such type of problem we are providing here all the details regarding the HNGU Time Table May-June 2019.

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HNGU Exam Time Table

HNGU Time Table 2019 MA MSC MCOM

A student who is in HNGU and doesn’t know the process to download the time table is required to not to worry because we are giving here the simple and easy steps from which the student can download their time table.The download steps for the HNGU Exam Date 2019 is given below.

Sr. No.Name Of ExaminationDate Of Examination
1B.A. Semester-IV22-03-2019
2B.A. Semester-VI22-03-2019
3Bachelor of Performing Arts Semester-IV22-03-2019
4Bachelor of Performing Arts Semester-VI22-03-2019
5Bachelor of Performing Arts Semester-VIII (Painting)22-03-2019
6B.A. Acting Semester-VI (City Pulse)22-03-2019
7B.A. Film Making & TV production Semester-VI (City Pulse)22-03-2019
8B.Sc. Semester-IV (Govt. & Granted Colleges)22-03-2019
9B.Sc. Semester-IV (Self Finance Colleges)22-03-2019
10B.Sc. Semester-VI (Govt. & Granted Colleges)22-03-2019
11B.Sc. Semester-VI (Self Finance Colleges)22-03-2019
12B.Sc. Semester-IV (Home Science)22-03-2019
13B.Sc. Semester-VI (Home Science)22-03-2019
14B.Com. Semester-IV22-03-2019
15B.Com. Semester-VI22-03-2019
16B.B.A. Semester-IV22-03-2019
17B.B.A. Semester-VI22-03-2019
18B.C.A. Semester-IV22-03-2019
19B.C.A. Semester-VI22-03-2019
20B.R.S. Semester-IV (Home Science)22-03-2019
21B.R.S. Semester-IV (Farm Management)22-03-2019
22B.R.S. Semester-VI (Home Science)22-03-2019
23B.R.S. Semester-VI (Farm Management)22-03-2019
24B.S.W. Semester-IV22-03-2019
25B.S.W. Semester-VI22-03-2019
26B.Ed. Semester-IV (New Course June-2015 to) (2 Year)22-03-2019
27Special B.Ed. Semester-IV (New Course June 2015 to) (2-Y)22-03-2019
28B.P.Ed. Semester-IV (New Course June 2015 to) (2-Year)22-03-2019
29LL.B. Semester-IV22-03-2019
30LL.B. Semester-VI22-03-2019
31Architecture Semester-IV09-04-2019
32Architecture Semester-VI09-04-2019
33M.Sc. CA & IT Semster-IV22-03-2019
34M.Sc. CA & IT Semster-VI22-03-2019
35M.C.A. Semester-IV (5-Year Integrated)22-03-2019
36M.C.A. Semester-VI (5-Year Integrated)22-03-2019
37B.Com. LL.B. Integrated Law Semester-IV (Time : 5-Year)22-03-2019
38B.Com. LL.B. Integrated Law Semester-VI (Time : 5-Year)22-03-2019
39M.A. Semester-IV (Regular)22-03-2019
40M.A. Semester-IV (External)22-03-2019
41M.Com. Semester-IV (Regular)22-03-2019
42M.Com. Semester-IV (External)22-03-2019
43M.Sc. Semester-IV22-03-2019
44M.Sc. Semester-IV (Home Science)22-03-2019
45M.P.E. Semester-IV22-03-2019
46LL.M. Semester-IV22-03-2019
47M.S.W. Semester-IV22-03-2019
48M.B.A. Semester-IV22-03-2019
49M.R.S. Semester-IV22-03-2019
50Master of Human Resource Management Semester-IV (HRM)22-03-2019
51Master of Journalism Semester-IV22-03-2019
52Diploma in Jainology Semester-IV22-03-2019
53M.Ed. Semester-IV (New Course June-2015 to) 2-Year22-03-2019
54Master of Hospital Management Semester-IV (Only Dissertation)22-03-2019
55Master of Urban Planning Semester-IV22-03-2019
56B.A. B.Ed. Semester-IV (Four Years Integrated)22-03-2019
57B.Sc. B.Ed. Semester-IV (Four Years Integrated)22-03-2019
58B.A. Semester-II09-04-2019
59Bachelor of Performing Arts Semester-II09-04-2019
60B.Sc. Semester-II (Govt. & Granted Colleges)09-04-2019
61B.Sc. Semester-II (Self Finance Colleges)09-04-2019
62B.Sc. Semester-II (Home Science)09-04-2019
63B.Com. Semester-II09-04-2019
64B.B.A. Semester-II09-04-2019
65B.C.A. Semester-II09-04-2019
66B.R.S. Semester-II09-04-2019
67B.S.W. Semester-II09-04-2019
68B.Ed. Semester-II (New Course June-2015 to) (2 Year)09-04-2019
69Special B.Ed. Semester-II (New Course June 2015 to) (2-Y)09-04-2019
70LL.B. Semester-II (Old Course)09-04-2019
71LL.B. Semester-II (New Course June – 2018)09-04-2019
72B.Com. LL.B. Integrated Law Semester-II (Time : 5-Year)09-04-2019
73B.Lib. Semester-II (1-Year)09-04-2019
74B.P.Ed. Semester-II (New Course June 2015 to) (2-Year)09-04-2019
75M.A. Semester-II (Regular)09-04-2019
76M.A. Semester-II (External)09-04-2019
77M.Com. Semester-II (Regular)09-04-2019
78M.Com. Semester-II (External)09-04-2019
79M.Sc. Semester-II09-04-2019
80M.Sc. Semester-II (Home Science)09-04-2019
81M.B.A. Semester-II26-04-2019
82M.C.A. Semester-II09-04-2019
83M.C.A. Semester-IV09-04-2019
84M.C.A. Semester-VI (Only Project)09-04-2019
85M.C.A. Semester-II (5-Year Integrated)09-04-2019
86M.C.A. Semester-VII (5-Year Integrated)09-04-2019
87M.C.A. Semester-X (5-Year Integrated) (Only Project)09-04-2019
88LL.M. Semester-II (Old Course)09-04-2019
89LL.M. Semester-II (New Course June – 2018)09-04-2019
90M.Lib. Semester-II (1-Year)09-04-2019
91M.S.W. Semester-II09-04-2019
92M.R.S. Semester-II09-04-2019
93Master of Human Resource Management Semester-II (HRM)09-04-2019
94Master of Journalism Semester-II09-04-2019
95M.P.E. Semester-II09-04-2019
96Master of Hospital Management Semester-II (New Course June-2016 to) (2-Year)09-04-2019
97M.Ed. Semester-II (New Course June-2015 to) 2-Year09-04-2019
98PG Diploma in Yoga Education (PGDYEd) Semester-II (1-Year)09-04-2019
99PG Diploma in Fashion Design & Management Semester-II (1-Year)09-04-2019
100PG Diploma in Industrial Safety Semester-II (PGIS) (1-Year)09-04-2019
101PG Diploma in Drugs Discovery Clinical Research & Pharma Regulation Semester-II (PGDCP) (1-Year)09-04-2019
102PG Diploma in Prakrit Semester-II (1-Year)09-04-2019
103P.G.D.M.L.T. Semester-II (1-Year)09-04-2019
104PG Certificate Course in Prakrit Semester-II (1-Year)09-04-2019
105Diploma in Jainology Semester-II (2-Year)09-04-2019
106Certificate in Jainology (Certitifate Course) (Time – 6-Months)09-04-2019
107P.G.D.C.A. Semester-I (ATKT) (New Course June-2017)09-04-2019
108P.G.D.C.A. Semester-II (Old Course)09-04-2019
109P.G.D.C.A. Semester-II (New Course June-2017)09-04-2019
110M.Sc. CA & IT Semster-II09-04-2019
111M.Sc. CA & IT Semster-VIII09-04-2019
112M.Sc. CA & IT Semster-X (Only Project)09-04-2019
113Master of Urban Planning Semester-II (2-Year)09-04-2019
114Architecture Semester-II26-04-2019
115Architecture Semester-VIII26-04-2019
116Architecture Semester-X (Only Thesis Project / Viva)09-04-2019
117Diploma in Yoga Education (Yearly / Vacation Course) ( Time 1-Year)09-04-2019
118B.A. B.Ed. Semester-II (Four Years Integrated)09-04-2019
119B.Sc. B.Ed. Semester-II (Four Years Integrated)09-04-2019
120SYBHMS (OLD Course) (Supplementary)09-04-2019
121TYBHMS (OLD Course) (Supplementary)09-04-2019
122FORTH BHMS (OLD Course)09-04-2019

Steps To Download HNGU Date Sheet Pdf

  • Go to the official site of the university i.e.
  • After the official site, open student requires to go to the “Examination” section which is available at the taskbar of the official site.
  • On clicking on the examination section a sub window will open under which there is a link name as “Examination Schedule”.
  • On clicking on the above link a window will appear under few links are given.
  • Student requires to choose the appropriate link. After choosing the right link a window will open.
  • Under the window, few links are given with name of the exam paper. On clicking on that link a pdf will open under which all the details regarding the time table is given such as “Date & Day”, “Course Code”, “Name of the Subject paper”.
  • It is requested to all the student to save their exam date sheet or take print out of it so that they can use it in the future.

HNGU Time Table 2019: Download Link

Students who are searching for the HNGU MA Time Table 2019 is required to know that the university has not released the date sheet on the official site till now. So the students require to wait for their examination schedule. We will provide here the link after the official announcement given by the university.

HNGU Courses Offered:

Many students are excited to take admission in the HNG University. Students are required to know that the university offers various courses under the Arts, Science, Commerce, Law etc. candidate can choose the course along with the subject according to their interest. We are providing here the list of the Courses Offered By HNGU in the tabular form which is given below.

Name of The CourseName Of The Subject
  • BA
  • MA
  • Master of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Master of Philosophy in Gujarati
  • Bachelor of Library Science
  • Master of Philosophy in Library Science
  • Master of arts(external)
  • Bachelor of Fine arts Music
  • Bachelor of Fine arts Painting
  • Bachelor of Fine arts Drawing
  • Master of Arts in Direction
  • Master of Philosophy in English
  • Master of Philosophy in Economics
  • Master of Philosophy in Diaspora
  • Master of Philosophy in  Economics
  • Diploma in Jainology
  • Master of Philosophy in Sociology
  • Master of Arts in Audiography
  • Master of Philosophy in History
  • Master of Philosophy in Gujarati
  • Master of Philosophy in Library Science
  • Master of Philosophy in Sanskrit
  • Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Master of Philosophy in Journalism
  • Master of Philosophy in Psychology
  • Master of Philosophy in Hindi
  • BSc
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • PGD in Drugs
  • MSc
  • PGD in Medical Laboratory Technician
  • M.Phil in Life Science
  • MSc in Environment Science
  • M.Phil in Biotechnology
  • M.Phil in Chemistry
  • MSc in chemistry
  • MSc in Mathematics
  • MSc Physics
  • MSc in Microbiology
  • MSc in Home Science
  • MSc in botany
  • MSc in Biotechnology
  • MSc in Electronics
  • MSc in Zoology
  • MCom
  • MCom(External)
  • BCom
  • MPhil
  • BCom(English Medium)
  • LLM
  • LLB
Computer Science
  • BCA
  • MCA
  • MCA Integrated
  • MSc in Computer Application & Information
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Homeopathic in Medicine Surgery
  • Post Basic Nursing
  • BDS
  • BPT
  • BSc in Nursing
  • MDS
  • MBBS
  • Post Graduate in Nursing
Rural Study
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Rural Studies
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Rural Studies
  • B.Ed.
  • B.P.Ed.
  • M.P.Ed.
  • M.Ed.
  • BA-B.Ed. Four years integrated
  • MPhil in Physical Education
  • m.Phil in Education
  • diploma in Yoga education
  • MPhil in Education
  • PGD in Yoga Education
  • BSc-BEd Four year Integrated
  • BBA
  • MHM
  • MBA
  • HRM
Home science
  • Bachelor of Home Science
  • Master of Home Science

About Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University:

Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University (HNGU) is a public university situated at Patan, Gujarat and established in the year 1986. The university is affiliated through the UGC and is accredited by A grade through NACC. It’s headquarter is located at Patan district. The university is spread over the 185 acres of land.

Name of the UniversityHemchandracharya North Gujarat University
LocationAhmedabad, Gujarat
Name of the ExamMA, MSc, MCom, MCA, MSc
Exam TypeSemester(even)
Conduction of ExamMay-June
Article CategoryTime Table
StatusAvailable soon

The information provided here is as per the official notification if the student has any queries regarding download the time table they can prefer the above steps if there are any more queries left kindly connect with us through the comment box.

Official Site: HNGU Exam Time Table 2019

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