BFUHS Result 2019 – B.Sc MBBS BDS BPT MSC Exam Results

BFUHS Result 2019: An applicant who is in the Baba Farid University of Health Science is required to know that university is not declared the result of the exam which is conducted in the month of July so the applicant must be updated regarding the BFUHS B.Sc Exam Result 2019.

Latest Update: B.Sc Nursing Result Released!! Check in the Table Below.

An applicant who doesn’t know the process to check their result is required to not to worry we are providing here all the details regarding the BFUHS UG Exam Result 2019.

BFUHS Result

BFUHS July Exam Result 2019 Download

Those applicants who are in BFUHS university is required to know that the university does not declare the BFUHS MBBS Result 2019 on their official site. So the applicant must update regarding see their result. Students who don’t know the process to see their result is required to not to worry. We are providing here the steps for the BFUHS BDS Exam Result. The steps are given below.

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Result DatedCourseYear/ProfSession
18-06-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
18-06-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearND-18
18-06-2019BSc Nursing1st YearND-18
14-06-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
13-06-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearND-18
13-06-2019BSc Nursing1st YearND-18
12-06-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
12-06-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
12-06-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearND-18
12-06-2019BSc Nursing1st YearND-18
11-06-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearND-18
10-06-2019PG Nursing2nd YearND-18
10-06-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
10-06-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
10-06-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearND-18
10-06-2019BSc Nursing1st YearND-18
31-05-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearND-18
31-05-2019BSc Nursing1st YearND-18
31-05-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
30-05-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearND-18
28-05-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
27-05-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
27-05-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
24-05-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
23-05-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
21-05-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
21-05-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
15-05-2019BSc Nursing3rd YearND-18
15-05-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
14-05-2019PG Nursing2nd YearND-18
14-05-2019BSc (MRIT)2nd YearND-18
14-05-2019BSc (MRIT)1st YearND-18
09-05-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
09-05-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
09-05-2019MPT (Neurology)1st YearND-18
09-05-2019BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)2nd YearND-18
09-05-2019BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)1st YearND-18
09-05-2019BSc (MRIT)1st YearND-18
08-05-2019BSc (OTT)3rd yearND-18
08-05-2019BSc (OTT)2nd YearND-18
08-05-2019BSc (OTT)1st YearND-18
08-05-2019BASLP2nd YearND-18
08-05-2019BASLP2nd SemesterND-18
08-05-2019BASLP1st SemesterND-18
07-05-2019DOTT2nd YearND-18
07-05-2019DOTT1st YearND-18
07-05-2019DICUT1st YearND-18
06-05-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
06-05-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
03-05-2019PG Nursing1st YearND-18
03-05-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
03-05-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
02-05-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
02-05-2019PG Nursing1st YearND-18
01-05-2019DMRIT2nd YearND-18
30-04-2019PG Nursing1st YearND-18
30-04-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
30-04-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
29-04-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
29-04-2019BPT4th yearND-18
29-04-2019BPT3rd yearND-18
29-04-2019BPT2nd yearND-18
29-04-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
26-04-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
26-04-2019PG Nursing1st YearND-18
25-04-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
25-04-2019BSc (Perfu Tech)1st YearND-18
25-04-2019BSc (Perfu Tech)2nd YearND-18
25-04-2019BSc (Perfu Tech)3rd YearND-18
25-04-2019BSc (Emergency Resp)3rd YearND-18
25-04-2019BSc (Emergency Resp)2nd YearND-18
24-04-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
24-04-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
22-04-2019BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)3rd YearND-18
18-04-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
18-04-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
18-04-2019BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)3rd YearND-18
18-04-2019BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)2nd YearND-18
18-04-2019BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)1st YearND-18
18-04-2019BSc (Cardiac Tech)3rd YearND-18
18-04-2019BSc (Cardiac Tech)2nd YearND-18
18-04-2019BSc (Ortho Asstt & Plaster Tech)2nd yearND-18
18-04-2019BSc (Optometry)2nd YearND-18
18-04-2019BSc (Optometry)1st YearND-18
16-04-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
16-04-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
16-04-2019BPT1st yearND-18
16-04-2019BSc (MRIT)2nd YearND-18
16-04-2019BSc (MRIT)3rd YearND-18
16-04-2019BSc (MRIT)1st YearND-18
16-04-2019BSc (Optometry)3rd YearND-18
16-04-2019BASLP3rd YearND-18
16-04-2019BSc (Cardiac Tech)1st YearND-18
12-04-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-18
10-04-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
09-04-2019BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)4th yearND-18
09-04-2019BPharmacy4th yearND-18
09-04-2019BPharmacy3rd yearND-18
09-04-2019BPharmacy2nd YearND-18
09-04-2019BPharmacy1st yearND-18
09-04-2019MSc (Herbal Drug Technology)1st YearND-18
09-04-2019DMRIT1st YearND-18
08-04-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
05-04-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
05-04-2019BSc Nursing4th YearND-18
04-04-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
04-04-2019BSc (Dialysis Tech)3rd yearND-18
04-04-2019BSc (Dialysis Tech)2nd yearND-18
04-04-2019BSc (Dialysis Tech)1st yearND-18
04-04-2019BSc (ICU Tech)3rd YearND-18
04-04-2019BSc (ICU Tech)2nd YearND-18
04-04-2019BSc (ICU Tech)1st YearND-18
04-04-2019BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)3rd YearND-18
04-04-2019BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)2nd YearND-18
04-04-2019BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)1st YearND-18
03-04-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
03-04-2019MCh (Plastic Surgery)Final YearND-18
02-04-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
02-04-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
01-04-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
01-04-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
28-03-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-19
26-03-2019COTAFinal ExamMJ-18
15-03-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-18
15-03-2019CECAAFinal ExamND-18
13-03-2019CHBHCAFinal ExamND-18
13-03-2019COTAFinal ExamND-18
13-03-2019CHHBCAFinal ExamMJ-18
05-03-2019CHHBCAFinal ExamND-18
05-03-2019CHBHCAFinal ExamMJ-18
05-03-2019CHHBCAFinal ExamMJ-18
01-03-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-18
01-03-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
20-02-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-18
18-02-2019COTFinal ExamMJ-18
14-02-2019CHHBCAFinal ExamMJ-18
14-02-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
13-02-2019BSc(MLT)1st YearND-18
12-02-2019COTAFinal ExamMJ-18
12-02-2019MSc MLT(Biochemistry)2nd YearND-18
11-02-2019BSc(MLT)2nd YearND-18
11-02-2019BSc(MLT)1st YearND-18
11-02-2019CECAAFinal ExamMJ-18
08-02-2019MBBS2nd ProfND-18
04-02-2019MBBS2nd ProfND-18
25-01-2019MBBS2nd ProfND-18
07-02-2019BSc(MLT)2nd YearND-18
04-02-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-18
05-02-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
04-02-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-18
04-02-2019BDSFinal ProfND-18
04-02-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
04-02-2019BDS3rd ProfND-18
01-02-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-18
01-02-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-18
31-01-2019BDS2nd ProfND-18
31-01-2019DOTT2nd YearMJ-18
31-01-2019DICUT2nd YearMJ-18
31-01-2019BSc(MED)(APB)2nd YearND-18
31-01-2019BSc(MLT)3rd YearND-18
30-01-2019MSc MLT(Biochemistry)2nd YearND-18
29-01-2019DBPS1st YearMJ-18
29-01-2019DICUT2nd YearMJ-18
29-01-2019DICUT1st YearMJ-18
29-01-2019DOTT2nd YearMJ-18
29-01-2019DOTT1st YearMJ-18
29-01-2019DBBT2nd YearMJ-18
25-01-2019BPharmacy1st SemsterND-18
24-01-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
24-01-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-18
24-01-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
23-01-2019BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)3rd SemesterND-18
23-01-2019BPharmacy3rd SemesterND-18
23-01-2019BPharmacy2nd SemsterND-18
23-01-2019BDSFinal ProfND-18
22-01-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-18
22-01-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
22-01-2019BDS2nd ProfND-18
21-01-2019MSc (Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care)1st YearMJ-18
18-01-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
18-01-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
18-01-2019MSc (Medical Physiology)Final YearND-18
18-01-2019MSc (Medical Anatomy)Final YearND-18
18-01-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-18
17-01-2019MSc MLT(Microbiology)2nd YearND-18
17-01-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
15-01-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
15-01-2019BSc (OTT)1st YearMJ-18
14-01-2019BSc (OTT)2nd YearMJ-18
11-01-2019MBBS1st ProfND-18
11-01-2019BSc(MED)(APB)3rd YearND-18
11-01-2019BSc(MED)(APB)2nd YearND-18
11-01-2019BSc(MED)(APB)1st YearND-18
11-01-2019BPT2nd yearMJ-18
11-01-2019BDS3rd ProfND-18
09-01-2019MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-18
10-01-2019PG DentalFinal YearND-18
09-01-2019BSc (MRIT)2nd YearMJ-18
09-01-2019BSc (MRIT)1st YearMJ-18
09-01-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
07-01-2019PG MedicalFinal YearND-18
07-01-2019BSc (OTT)3rd yearMJ-18
07-01-2019BSc (MRIT)3rd YearMJ-18
07-01-2019BSc (MRIT)2nd YearMJ-18
04-01-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
04-01-2019BDS1st ProfND-18
03-01-2019BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-18
03-01-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
02-01-2019BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
02-01-2019BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
01-01-2019BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)2nd YearMJ-18
31-12-2018MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-18
28-12-2018BSc (MRIT)1st YearMJ-18
27-12-2018BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
27-12-2018BSc (MRIT)2nd YearMJ-18
27-12-2018BDSFinal ProfND-18
26-12-2018BSc (MRIT)3rd YearMJ-18
26-12-2018BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-18
26-12-2018BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-18
26-12-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-18
26-12-2018CDHOPFinal ExamMJ-18
26-12-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
26-12-2018BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
21-12-2018BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)1st YearMJ-18
21-12-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-18
19-12-2018BSc (Optometry)2nd YearMJ-18
19-12-2018BSc (Optometry)1st YearMJ-18
19-12-2018BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)1st YearMJ-18
19-12-2018BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)2nd YearMJ-18
19-12-2018BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)3rd YearMJ-18
18-12-2018BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-18
18-12-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
17-12-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
14-12-2018BASLP2nd YearMJ-18
13-12-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-18
13-12-2018BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-18
07-12-2018MSc (Herbal Drug Technology)1st YearMJ-18
07-12-2018BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)3rd YearMJ-18
07-12-2018BSc (Optometry)3rd YearMJ-18
06-12-2018BPT1st yearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)3rd YearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc (ICU Tech)3rd YearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc (Dialysis Tech)1st yearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc (ICU Tech)2nd YearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc (Perfu Tech)2nd YearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc (Perfu Tech)1st YearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc (Cardiac Tech)1st YearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)2nd YearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)1st YearMJ-18
05-12-2018BSc (Ortho Asstt & Plaster Tech)1st yearMJ-18
04-12-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
04-12-2018PG Nursing1st YearMJ-18
04-12-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-18
27-11-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearMJ-18
03-12-2018BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-18
29-11-2018BSc Nursing2nd YearMJ-18
27-11-2018DMRIT2nd YearMJ-18
27-11-2018DMRIT1st YearMJ-18
26-11-2018BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-18
26-11-2018BPT2nd yearMJ-18
26-11-2018BSc (Dialysis Tech)2nd yearMJ-18
26-11-2018BSc (Ortho Asstt & Plaster Tech)3rd yearMJ-18
26-11-2018BSc (Ortho Asstt & Plaster Tech)2nd yearMJ-18
26-11-2018BSc (Emergency Resp)3rd YearMJ-18
26-11-2018BSc (Emergency Resp)2nd YearMJ-18
26-11-2018BSc (Emergency Resp)1st YearMJ-18
22-11-2018BPT1st yearMJ-18
22-11-2018BASLP3rd YearMJ-18
22-11-2018BASLP1st YearMJ-18
22-11-2018BASLP1st SemesterMJ-18
21-11-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-18
21-11-2018BPharmacy3rd yearMJ-18
21-11-2018BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)3rd yearMJ-18
21-11-2018BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)2nd YearMJ-18
21-11-2018BPharmacy2nd YearMJ-18
16-11-2018BPT3rd yearMJ-18
16-11-2018BPT2nd yearMJ-18
16-11-2018BPT4th yearMJ-18
16-11-2018PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-18
16-11-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearMJ-18
16-11-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
16-11-2018BPharmacy1st yearMJ-18
16-11-2018BSc (ICU Tech)1st YearMJ-18
16-11-2018BSc (Perfu Tech)3rd YearMJ-18
16-11-2018BSc (Cardiac Tech)2nd YearMJ-18
16-11-2018BSc (Cardiac Tech)3rd YearMJ-18
16-11-2018BSc (Dialysis Tech)3rd yearMJ-18
15-11-2018PG Nursing1st YearMJ-18
15-11-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
14-11-2018BDS1st ProfMJ-18
14-11-2018BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-18
13-11-2018BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)4th yearMJ-18
13-11-2018BPharmacy4th yearMJ-18
02-11-2018BDS1st ProfMJ-18
02-11-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-18
02-11-2018PG Nursing2nd YearMJ-18
02-11-2018MSc (Medical Anatomy)Final YearMJ-18
02-11-2018MSc (Community Health Nursing)2nd YearMJ-18
31-10-2018BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-18
30-10-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-18
30-10-2018BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-18
29-10-2018MCh (Urology)Final YearMJ-18
29-10-2018MCh (Plastic Surgery)Final YearMJ-18
29-10-2018MCh (Neuro Surgery)Final YearMJ-18
29-10-2018MCh (Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery)Final YearMJ-18
29-10-2018DM (Neurology)Final YearMJ-18
29-10-2018DM (Nephrology)Final YearMJ-18
29-10-2018DM (Gestroenterology)Final YearMJ-18
29-10-2018DM (Cardiology)Final YearMJ-18
26-10-2018BDS1st ProfMJ-18
26-10-2018BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-18
25-10-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-18
25-10-2018DICUT1st YearND-17
25-10-2018MSc (Medical Physiology)Final YearMJ-18
25-10-2018MSc (Medical Biochemistry)Final YearMJ-18
25-10-2018MSc (Medical Anatomy)Final YearMJ-18
23-10-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-18
18-10-2018MPT (Neurology)1st YearMJ-18
22-10-2018BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-18
18-10-2018MPT (Sports)1st YearMJ-18
18-10-2018MPT (Orthopaedics)1st YearMJ-18
18-10-2018MPT (Neurology)2nd YearMJ-18
18-10-2018MPT (Orthopaedics)2nd YearMJ-18
18-10-2018MPT (Sports)2nd YearMJ-18
18-10-2018MPT (Cardiopulmonary)1st YearMJ-18
18-10-2018BSc(MLT)2nd YearMJ-18
18-10-2018BSc(MLT)1st YearMJ-18
16-10-2018BDS1st ProfMJ-18
16-10-2018BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-18
12-10-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearMJ-18
12-10-2018BSc(MLT)3rd YearMJ-18
11-10-2018BSc(MED)(APB)2nd YearMJ-18
08-10-2018MBBS1st ProfMJ-18
05-10-2018MBBS1st ProfMJ-18
27-09-2018MBBS1st ProfMJ-18
27-09-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
27-09-2018BDS1st ProfMJ-18
28-09-2018BSc(MED)(APB)1st YearMJ-18
25-09-2018BSc(MED)(APB)3rd YearMJ-18
21-09-2018MBBS1st ProfMJ-18
30-08-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
16-08-2018PG DentalFinal YearMJ-18
20-08-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
10-08-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
06-08-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
03-08-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
09-08-2018BSc Nursing4th YearMJ-17
03-08-2018BDS2nd ProfMJ-18
01-08-2018BDS2nd ProfMJ-18
30-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
27-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
26-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
26-07-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-17
26-07-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-17
26-07-2018BSc Nursing1st YearND-17
24-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
20-07-2018MBBS2nd ProfMJ-18
23-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
18-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
18-07-2018BSc Nursing1st YearND-17
17-07-2018BDSFinal ProfMJ-18
16-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
12-07-2018BDS3rd ProfMJ-18
12-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
10-07-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-17
10-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
10-07-2018BPharmacy2nd SemsterMJ-18
10-07-2018BPharmacy1st SemsterMJ-18
09-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
06-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
03-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
02-07-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
30-06-2018PG MedicalFinal YearMJ-18
27-06-2018BDSFinal ProfMJ-18
26-06-2018MSc (Clinical Research)2nd YearND-17
26-06-2018MBBS2nd ProfMJ-18
26-06-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-17
20-06-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-17
20-06-2018MBBSFinal Prof Part-IMJ-18
20-06-2018DICUT1st YearMJ-17
12-06-2018MSc (Medical Surgical Nursing)2nd YearMJ-17
12-06-2018MSc (Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing)2nd YearND-17
12-06-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearND-17
12-06-2018BSc Nursing1st YearND-17
12-06-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-17
25-05-2018BSc Nursing1st YearND-17
05-06-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-17
05-06-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-17
05-06-2018BSc Nursing1st YearND-17
04-06-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-17
04-06-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-17
04-06-2018BSc (Dialysis Tech)2nd yearND-17
31-05-2018BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-17
31-05-2018MSc (Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing)2nd YearND-17
31-05-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-17
31-05-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearND-17
29-05-2018BSc Nursing1st YearND-17
29-05-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-17
29-05-2018BSc Nursing2nd YearND-17
25-05-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-17
25-05-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearND-17
25-05-2018BSc Nursing2nd YearND-17
25-05-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)1st YearND-17
24-05-2018BSc (MRIT)2nd YearND-17
22-05-2018BSc Nursing2nd YearND-17
22-05-2018DBBT1st YearMJ-17
17-05-2018BSc Nursing1st YearMJ-17
17-05-2018BSc Nursing2nd YearND-17
17-05-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearND-17
17-05-2018MSc (Obstetrical Nursing)2nd YearND-17
16-05-2018DICUT2nd YearND-17
16-05-2018BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)3rd YearND-17
16-05-2018DNST2nd YearND-17
15-05-2018BSc Nursing2nd YearND-17
14-05-2018BSc Nursing1st YearND-17
14-05-2018BSc (OTT)2nd YearND-17
10-05-2018MSc (Paediatric Nursing)1st YearND-17
10-05-2018MSc (Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing)1st YearND-17
10-05-2018MSc (Obstetrical Nursing)1st YearND-17
10-05-2018MSc (Medical Surgical Nursing)1st YearND-17
10-05-2018MSc (Community Health Nursing)1st YearND-17
11-05-2018BSc Nursing4th YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-17
10-05-2018MSc (Medical Surgical Nursing)2nd YearND-17
10-05-2018MSc (Paediatric Nursing)2nd YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (Ortho Asstt & Plaster Tech)1st yearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (Emergency Resp)3rd YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (Emergency Resp)2nd YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (OTT)3rd yearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (OTT)1st YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (Cardiac Tech)1st YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (Perfu Tech)2nd YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (Perfu Tech)1st YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (MRIT)2nd YearND-17
10-05-2018BSc (MRIT)1st YearND-17
07-05-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearND-17
04-05-2018BSc Nursing4th YearND-17
04-05-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearND-17
04-05-2018MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-17
04-05-2018DOTT2nd YearND-17
04-05-2018DOTT1st YearND-17
04-05-2018BPT4th yearND-17
02-05-2018BPharmacy1st yearND-17
02-05-2018BPharmacy(Old Scheme)4th yearND-17
02-05-2018BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)4th yearND-17
02-05-2018BPharmacy4th yearND-17
02-05-2018BPharmacy(Lateral Entry)3rd yearND-17
02-05-2018BPharmacy3rd yearND-17
02-05-2018BPharmacy2nd YearND-17
02-05-2018BSc Nursing3rd YearND-17
01-05-2018BSc (Optometry)1st YearND-17
01-05-2018BPT3rd yearND-17
01-05-2018BSc (Cardiac Tech)3rd YearND-17
01-05-2018BSc (Cardiac Tech)2nd YearND-17
01-05-2018BSc (ICU Tech)2nd YearND-17
01-05-2018BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)2nd YearND-17
01-05-2018BSc (MRIT)3rd YearND-17
01-05-2018BSc (Optometry)3rd YearND-17
30-04-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-17
30-04-2018BSc Nursing4th YearND-17
26-04-2018BASLP2nd YearND-17
26-04-2018BASLP1st YearND-17
26-04-2018MSc (Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing)2nd YearND-17
26-04-2018MSc (Paediatric Nursing)2nd YearND-17
26-04-2018MSc (Obstetrical Nursing)2nd YearND-17
26-04-2018MSc (Medical Surgical Nursing)2nd YearND-17
26-04-2018MSc (Community Health Nursing)2nd YearND-17
26-04-2018BSc Nursing4th YearND-17
26-04-2018BSc (ICU Tech)3rd YearND-17
26-04-2018BSc (ICU Tech)1st YearND-17
26-04-2018BSc (Radiotherapy Tech)1st YearND-17
26-04-2018BSc (Emergency Resp)1st YearND-17
26-04-2018BSc (Ortho Asstt & Plaster Tech)2nd yearND-17
26-04-2018BSc (Ortho Asstt & Plaster Tech)3rd yearND-17
26-04-2018BASLP3rd YearND-17
24-04-2018COTAFinal ExamND-17
24-04-2018CHHBCAFinal ExamND-17
23-04-2018MPT (Orthopaedics)2nd YearND-17
20-04-2018BPT2nd yearND-17
20-04-2018BPT4th yearND-17
20-04-2018BPT1st yearND-17
20-04-2018BSc Nursing (Post Basic)2nd YearND-17
20-04-2018MBBS1st ProfND-17
18-04-2018BSc (Dialysis Tech)1st yearND-17
18-04-2018BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)2nd YearND-17
18-04-2018BSc (Dialysis Tech)3rd yearND-17
18-04-2018MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-17
16-04-2018MPT (Sports)1st YearND-17
16-04-2018MPT (Orthopaedics)1st YearND-17
16-04-2018MPT (Neurology)2nd YearND-17
13-04-2018CECAAFinal ExamND-17
13-04-2018BSc(Anaesthesia Tech)1st YearND-17
13-04-2018BSc (Optometry)2nd YearND-17
13-04-2018MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-17

Steps To Download BFUHS UG PG Result

  • Go to the official site of the university i.e.
  • On the opening of the official site applicant require to “Result” section which is available at the top most side of the official site.
  • On moving the cursor towards the “Result” section a box appear under which three options are given.
  • Under the three option, the applicant requires to select the “University Regular Exam”.
  • On the opening of the site, the applicant requires to click on “Result” section which is available at the dashboard on the left-hand
  • On clicking on the “Result” a list appears with the course and the year. The applicant required to select the suitable course for which they want to see the result.
  • After the applicant required to click on the “View Result” On clicking on it a window open under which applicant require to “enter their Roll no.” and “Last 3 digit Registration no.”.
  • The applicant required to click on the “Submit” The result appeared on the screen.
  • For taking the print out of the application form there is “Print” option available.

BFUHS Result 2019 Download Links

Applicants who are in BFUHS are required to know that the university will declare the result very soon. After declaring the result we are providing here the links. The BFUHS BPT Result 2019 will be available at the official site of the university.

Also CheckBA ResultBCom ResultBSc Result

BFUHS Courses Offered:

Applicants who want to take the admission in the BFUHS University is required to choose the course according to their interest. The BFUHS Courses Offered under the department of medicine, Biochemistry and offers various courses in MBBS. The list of the courses is given under the table.

Name of the DepartmentSubject
Department of Medicine
  • MS in Ophthalmology
  • Post graduate diploma in Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Master of Science in Anatomy
  • Bachelor of Science in Anatomy
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Department of Biochemistry
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • STD & Dermatology
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • Community Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Pathology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy

About BFUHS University:

Baba Farid University of Health Science, Faridkot is a university which provided courses in Health Sciences. The university has five faculties under the health science department and there are 146 affiliated colleges. The university was established in July 1998 by the Punjab Act No. 18. Its headquarter is situated at Faridkot.

The information provided here is as per the official notification if the applicant has any queries regarding see their result they can visit the official site. If they have any further queries they can contact us through the comment box.

Official Site: BFUHS Result 2019

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