Preparation tips for GATE 2018- Best Tricks to To Crack Exam

Preparation Tips for GATE 2018, Study Plan, Best Tricks To Crack Exam

Preparation tips for GATE 2018

The national level examination for engineering, GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an exam which requires hard work with strong determination. To qualify the exam aspirants must adopt the best GATE Preparation TipsThe fact clearly states that only from the 85.35% of applicants 16.40% students were able to qualify the examination. While in the previous year the percentage was just 15%.However it is not the critical evaluation, but most of the students fail in preparing themselves good enough for the competition. Most of these candidates lack proper guidance and fail to adopt the GATE Preparation Strategy to plan their studies.

Preparation tips for GATE, Gate Preparation Strategy

Before starting the preparations it is very important to know the pattern of the question paper. The GATE exam paper comprises of a different number of sections for different paper codes. Usually, it is of-

SectionsName Gross marks %
SECTION IGeneral Aptitude15%
SECTION IIEngineering Mathematics15%
SECTION IIISubject Questions70%

Preparation tips for GATE, Gate Preparation Strategy

GATE Preparation Strategy

Here we have mentioned the best Preparation Tips For GATE 2018, which will help you crack the exam-

  • Get the syllabus- Syllabus not just lets us know what to study but also prevent us from wasting time in what not to study.  Always try to keep a copy attached to your books. At times we may tend to ignore portions which carry more marks.
  • Evaluate yourself- The foremost important thing is to know your type. It is not necessary that everyone can study in the early morning hours or late night. Evaluate yourself in every way, what type of study time you are comfortable, how much hours of continuous study you can do and accordingly make a GATE Preparation Time Table which is not exhausting for you.
  • Don’t start in hustle- It is a normal student tendency to start things in a rush when not succeeded. It is specific for the students who are starting their preparation for the second attempt.Avoid studying several subjects at once. If you are concentrating to finish off with the Math don’t alternate it with Physics or Chemistry. For the subject that you find difficult to start with-
  1. Firstly, cover all the smaller sections such as definitions, core concepts, formulas, etc.
  2. Secondly, thoroughly learn the theoretical part of the subject. It helps you understand various formulas.
  3. Thirdly, take the numerical portion which is time consuming.
  • Make your own tricks- For all those who are studying at home, it is important to make your own ways of grasping things. Don’t try to follow other’s strategies or their ways. It can get confusing if you forget their applications. Higher the concentration, the better it is to come up with new ideas for solving problems.
  • Take mock tests- This is the most important step while preparing for the exams. Aspirants must appear for GATE Mock Test and try to solve as many as questions as possible. In the question paper, 50% questions are easy so that as much possible students can qualify. Even after this, the highest marks were just 25. While giving tests your goal should not be to attempt as much question as possible. Rather aim to achieve more marks every time.

GATE is conducted for the candidates who want to pursue PG courses such as M.Tech. Therefore all the GATE aspirants must adopt the GATE 2018 Preparation Tips and accordingly prepare for the exam to qualify it easily.

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